Perfect Skin Direct: Dermalogica AGE smart Power Rich

Dermalogica AGE smart Power Rich

Dermalogica AGE smart Power Rich

When you pinch the cheek of a child, you experience what skin care professionals call turgor firmness, and a feeling of integrated structural strength which is resilient and resists wear. Firm, resilient skin is supported by a matrix of collagen and elastin, which are the skin?s strong yet pliant "building blocks." As we age, these building blocks loose their integrity, resulting in skin, which appears and feels thinner, looser, and often wrinkles.

Power Rich rebuilds this vital matrix through its unique, merged technology of three interactive systems. When used daily for 30 days, this remarkable product stimulates cell regeneration and turnover for a fresher, firmer look.

Power Rich is virtually a hand-made product comprised of 3 separate ingredient phases precisely blended to insure product quality and maintain integrity of this sensitive formula.

Phase 1
Biostimulating botanicals including seaweed, wheat protein and soy treat the loss of strength, elasticity and moisture in skin.

Phase 2
Smoothness is achieved with our acid-free smoothing agents that promote exfoliation without irritation, while stimulating cell renewal. Perfect for the "post-AHA" generation.

Phase 3
Skin regenerators, protein peptides and vitamins improve skin texture and reverse signs of ageing.

Like all Dermalogica products, Power Rich contains no artificial fragrances. The fresh aroma is purely from the essential oils used to create the product ? you may notice the subtle natural fragrance of star jasmine.

This fantastic product acts as an eye cream, face cream, masque all in one, and is packaged in separate tubes for convenience.


Smooth over cleansed skin morning and night. Concentrate on areas of visible ageing to restore resilience and strength. The pharmaceutical-strength grade of this formula makes it most effective when used alone and applied directly to cleansed skin. After applying Power Rich to the skin, allow to absorb for one minute. In the morning, apply Dermalogica?s Solar Defence Booster SPF30 after Power Rich and before make-up application.

50ml: £142.40 £100.00

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